What is a figure competition?
What is a figure competition?
                                                                                                               Terry Stokes
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Make no mistake about it, a figure competition IS a bodybuilding contest... Just not done to the same degree as your typical bodybuilding standard. In general figure judges look for a combination of:

1. Muscularity

2. Symmetry

3. Stage presence

4. Body shape

5. Muscle shape

6. Presentation: posing, poise, grace and confidence

In general the figure physique should show less size, definition and vascularity
than a bodybuilder’s physique. There should be a small amount of fat, without
excessive leanness. There should be separation of the muscles without visible
striations within the muscle groups. Overall the judges are looking for a 
‘physically fit’/‘athletic’  and well balanced  physique

Emphasis is placed not only on how you pose your physique but also on how you
present yourself on stage. Confidence and poise are very important. Judges want to
see an athlete who is confident, walking with poise and grace with the ability to
transition between different poses smoothly and effortlessly. This takes much practice!

Prejudging: Morning show

Quarter turns:
Figure competition revolves around a series of quarter turns done in the morning show (prejudging). These quarter turns show the judges all 4 sides of your physique: front, left side, right side, back. Some organizations allow you to do a slight twist while in the side poses so that the judges can get a better view of your physique.

You will be compared to the other competitors while posing, therefore, what you do in these quarter may determine whether you win, lose or place. You must understand each pose and what the judges are looking for. You must  learn to pivot gracefully in and out of each pose, smile and look confident... All while squeezing every muscle in your body!

The pros make it look effortless, but this comes from months, sometimes years of practice. If you’ve never tried to flex all of your muscles at once, you will be surprised at how difficult it can be. I train first time competitors for at least 3 months, 3-4 times per week on posing before they compete. Do not wait until the last minute to practice posing. Find someone who understands figure posing and start practicing early!

Night Show: Figure Walk

The evening show is where you get to strut your stuff for the audience. The degree to which the evening show counts toward your overall score will depend on the organization, promoter etc. Therefore your night show performance can mean the difference between winning and losing.

The figure walk consists of walking across the stage and hitting a series of poses. The poses are usually variations of the prejudging poses. You want to add a little flair but not too much. Always execute your walk with good taste. You will stop 4 times during your walk to pose (twice in the middle, once at the far end, once near your entrance to the stage, before you exit).

A good figure walk takes much preparation:

    1. Learning variations of the side, front
        and back poses

    2. Developing the ability to transition
        smoothly between poses

    3. Walking confidently with good

    4. Learning to flex your muscles
        hard but still move fluidly

Far too many competitors wait until the last minute to prepare a routine. This can lead to an awkward and disappointing night show performance. Although the pre-judging will count for the majority of your score...... The audience comes to see the night show! So make sure you give them a good one.

What are the judges looking for?
Figure competition is by far, the fastest growing segment of bodybuilding. It allows women to show off their hard work they've put in at the gym without having to be overly muscular. There are many women who have enough muscle and symmetry to compete if they would just lose enough body fat to bring out their physique... and there are many more who could compete with 6 months to a year of solid training. If competing in figure has ever crossed your mind, or if you are not sure what a figure competition is all about then read this article and give it some thought.
Figure Competition Coach/Personal Training
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Figure Competition Coach/Personal Training
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