Racheal - Denise - Georgia
(3 competitors, 7 trophies
...not bad!)
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Terry Stokes, Buffalo NY
2008 Olympus
Step-by-step guide to figure competition diets
These workouts will take your body to the next level!
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My Figure Competitors Work Their Butts Off
... literally!
Kelly Ferguson
Alicia Kowalski
Lisa Nicholas
Figure Competitor
Fitness Model
31 Figure Competition Diets
Figure Competitor
Fitness Model
Figure Competitor
Fitness Model
"Thanks Terry your diets worked perfectly. 3 competitons and 3 first place trophies."
"I never thought I could look like this. The diet was tough but it was defintely worth it."

"I now feel confident that I can get in shape for a competition or photo shoot without having to guess... thanks Terry"
Advanced Cardio...
Stokes Cardio is the most result producing cardio possible. Combining resistance circuit-type training with interval cardio gives you the 2 best fat burning techniques.
no more boring
cardio workouts
Loose body fat for a figure competition or just to get in great shape... these workouts are tough!
  • 2 workouts in 1 (cardio & resistance)
  • Workout alone, with a partner or a group
  • Beginners (go slow) or advanced exercisers
  • Scalable: work at your own pace
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